Last Updated July 4, 2019

How do the drones work?

Gather AI uses state of the art robotics and deep learning engine to enable Autonomous Inventory Monitoring using a fleet of drones. Our autonomy engine enables a fleet of drones to use just cameras to map the environment, collect inventory data, count cases, measure temperature, and read barcodes without the need for additional infrastructure in the warehouse.
Each drone is paired to a tablet device providing live inventory data with no need for network connectivity. The collected data can be viewed on the tablet and through our web-dashboards after it has been synced to our servers as and when internet connectivity is available.

What happens if barcodes are not visible?

Gather warehouse dashboard reports an exception for a location where cases are found but the barcode is not read. The exception report contains an image of the location, case count, and the location index.

How much time does automating a facility take?

It depends on the size and density of your facility. For a 100,000 sq ft facility with 1500 bin location, it takes 2 days for our forward deployment engineers to automate the warehouse. Our engineers stay at the facility for an extra day after automation to make your team members are comfortable running our drones.

Can the drones operate in cold storages?

Yes! The drones can operate at temperatures as low as 14 degrees F.

How much time does it take to scan an aisle?

It depends on how many bins your aisle has. Each bin or storage location takes anywhere from 2.4 to 3.8 seconds to scan.

Do you integrate with WMS?

We provide hook-ups for your WMS and provide integration services on per need basis.

How long can the drones fly?

The drones can fly continuously but need to land for battery swaps. They will fly back to a pre-designated landing spot to charge or swap batteries and continue with their data gathering run. On an average a battery can last up to 25 minutes with battery swapping the downtime is 65 seconds after every 25 minutes of flight. If the battery charging option is installed instead of swapping the re-charging time 45 minutes.
You will get 4 extra batteries with each of our drones to keep them running continuously.

How many drones do I need?

It depends on how often you need to physical or cycle counts and the size of the facility. For example, a 25000 sq ft facility will only need a single drone if it needs physical counts for the full facility every 4 hours, whereas it will need 4 drones if physical counts for the facility are needed hourly.

How do you charge for the drones?

We don’t! We provide inventory as a service, the hardware belongs to us, the inventory data to you.

How much time for reports to be generated?

The visible case counts and HD images are available live, after a battery worths of flight the inventory report with approximate per bin case counts are available in roughly 8.5 minutes.

What happens if hardware breaks?

Under reasonable use, if the hardware breaks, we ship you a new one within 24 hours at no extra cost, it comes out of the box ready to deploy.